Blessing Boxes

1 in 4 children in NC are food insecure. Our partners at Builder’s Discount Center and the Original Piggly Wiggly stores have joined forces to help reduce hunger in ENC. We have built and stocked five Blessing Boxes and need your help keeping them stocked with non-perishable food like small canned goods, peanut butter and healthy other items. Look in your cabinet or pick up something extra. The boxes are located out front at the Habitat for Humanity locations in Goldsboro, 124 east mulberry, in Greenville at 210 east 14th street, Jacksonville at 1200 Gum Branch road, in New Bern, at 930 pollock street, plus the Fairfield Park Office at 800 Greenbriar road, just off Vernon avenue in Kinston.

Make a difference today. Have a blessing of food to share?….Give one. Need a blessing …..take one.

Take advantage of this honor system of care. share the love. there’s no catch, no obligation, no forms.

It’s only about giving a little if you have it or taking a little if you need it. Alpha media  live, local and caring for Eastern North Carolina.


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